Product review Goplus Folding Shopping Cart Jumbo Double Basket

I bought a shopping cart and wrote a report of this product test, to see if the purchase is worth it.

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Shopping in the USA without a car?

Something that you often hear about life in the US, is the sentence: “Without a car, nothing works!”. In America, cities are often divided into living, working and shopping. Often the larger supermarkets are on the edge of town. In smaller cities, there is usually none, and barely worth mentioning is public transport. Therefore, it is no wonder that a car is seen as indispensable and usually every family member from 16, owns a car. Nevertheless, there are also people in the USA, who have to manage without a car and until recently we were one of them.

We have deliberately chosen our apartment so that a supermarket is within walking distance. After I had dragged some purchases home, I noticed some neighbors with these practical shopping trolleys. After I read some reviews I bought the Shopping Cart Jumbo Double Basket*. In this product review, I share my experiences with this shopping cart.

Video product review

German video about the shopping cart with English subtitles on youtube.

Is it worth the money?

Now we have a car, but I don’t regret the purchase of the Shopping Cart Jumbo Double Basket*.

bequemer einkaufen mit diesem Shopping Cart

I used the cart for about three months. During this time I not only had a more convenient shopping method, I also saved money and time. In the US, there are often deals where you get a good price when you buy a certain amount. Without the shopping cart, I could not make such deals, but with the shopping cart I could easily bring larger quantities home. In addition, it was now possible for me to reduce my shopping trips. For me, the approximately $ 50 acquisition costs have paid off.

Pros and Cons of Goplus Folding Shopping Cart Jumbo Double Basket


The structure of the shopping cart is super easy, simply put the wheels on and click in, then unfold the shopping cart. In two minutes this shopping cart is ready.

This is includet

  • 2 baskets with plenty of space
  • Foldable (very easy)
  • Sturdy hard plastic wheels that also survive Connecticut’s roads
  • Front wheels fully flexible and rotate 360 degrees
  • Built with sturdy metal
  • Plastic coating on the handle, which unfortunately slips

I have now used this shopping cart for about three months and transported very heavy purchases with it. The wheels did not go bad, even though my way home is littered with potholes. This is a weak point of other carts, as you can often see in the reviews of such products.

The shopping cart is easy to push, even uphill is no problem. With the moving wheels in front, steering is also easy. On uneven roads and sidewalks, the car can also tilt and can then be pulled or pushed on the rear two wheels.

The folding is very easy, so the shopping cart can be stowed well and does not take up much space.

Instead of taking a shopping cart from the shop, I use my shopping cart in the shop, that’s what some do.

You should not bring your purchases home without bags, as small things can fall through the bars. It is also recommended to put something on the floor, for example a piece of cardboard, so that nothing falls through while shopping. There are also extra cases to buy, but I just use reusable bags, it works very well.

The plastic handle has released and now slips a bit. But that’s the only negative that I can say about this product.

What is the difference to shopping trolleys, how they are used in Germany?

My grandma in Germany has a shopping trolley, but clearly can not compete with this shopping cart. I get more than twice as much products in my car and can push and pull much easier on four wheels. And the Shopping Cart Jumbo Double Basket* can used in store as shopping cart.

Meanwhile, my grandma is traveling by car to go shopping, otherwise I would send her a handy shopping cart.

Even if such shopping carts have not yet prevailed in Germany, they can be bought. I found some comparable products on Pay attention to the quality of the wheels, the front wheels should also be able to turn 360 degrees to facilitate the steering.

For what you can use this cart

Not only shopping, also:

  • Laundry
  • Flea Market
  • Wood
  • Toys to the pool
  • Picnic

My Fazit

Highly recommended! If you do not want to buy the same product, I strongly recommend that you pay attention to the quality of the wheels.


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