Oktoberfest USA, here you can put on your dirdl and Lederhosen and join in the “gaudi”. Have a beer and German food, dance to German music, at one of the many Oktoberfest parties in North America.

There are many Oktoberfest festivals in the USA

I was surprised how many Oktoberfest there are in the US. Many Germans settled in America and if something German survived the generations, then it is Oktoberfest. Even far from Germany, you can visit one of Munich’s Oktoberfest imitated party. Although the sometimes mentioned October Fests here in the US have been a little bit Americanized, you can also discover a lot of German things. So into the dirndl or the Lederhosen and enjoy German “Gemütlichkeit”!

You don’t have a Dirndl or Lederhose?

Even if I’m from Bavaria I bought my first Dirndl shortly before my emigration to America. If you don’t have a “Tracht”, you can also conveniently buy from Amazon.com * costumes in the US. You will find a huge selection of dirndls and lederhosen and everything else.

Calendar with October Fests in the USA

I always get tips from my readers, so there will always be new to find here. I am sorry the calendar is not complet translated now, but for more information to the events just klick on “Veranstaltungsseite” this will bring you to the english Website of the event.

The original Oktoberfest in Munich

The original Oktoberfest in Munich is from 21. Sep. 2019 – 6th Oct. 2019 on the Theresienwiese.

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