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Make Quark in the Crock Pot Express or Instant Pot

Rezept Quark - recipe for quark

Quark is very popular in Germany. This product is similar to cottage cheese and is used for cooking and baking, or also eaten with fruits or herbs on the bread. quark is particularly well known an ingredient in German cheesecake. In America quark is not easy to find and expensive. So it is good to know, you can make quark easy.

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So you can make Quark

Not long ago I bought a Crockpot Express Multi-Cooker *. Then I made my fist quark, which can be seen in this video with English subtitles. It is not much work and the results are awsome.

See for your self in this video! (with Englis subtitles)

To make Quark you can use the Instant Pot *too.

A liter of buttermilk makes about 12 OZ / 300 g quark.

You only need buttermilk and a Crock Pot Express Multi-Cooker/Instant Pot and coffee filter or a cheese cloth. As a residual product you also get whey.


Instructions to make Quark

  1. Put at least 1 Liter buttermilk in the Crockpot Express/Instant Pot
  2. Close cover with steam release on open
  3. Klick the yogurt button and start
  4. Prepare filters in bowls with cheese cloth or coffee filter (filter must be in the bowl so that the whey can drip)
  5. After 8 hours this is ready
  6. Gently pour the mass into the preparation filter and let stand 8-10 hours in the refrigerator
  7. Quark is ready

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Make quark with the crock pot express or instant pot - a easy recipe

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